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One of the most popular styles for both modern and traditional properties is the up-and-over garage door. Usually constructed from steel, this type of door is available for both single and double garages.

At Abby Doors we offer a number of garage door finishes for you to choose from, as well as a range of matching side or gate panels. We can also automate your up-and-over garage door, giving you extra convenience and security.

Abby Doors has been providing the towns and villages of Tyne and Wear for more than three decades with a fantastic selection of garage doors. Call now on 0191 426 2209 and find out how we can help you find the perfect door for you.

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An up-and-over door offers great versatility and ease of use, delivering a user-friendly, hassle-free operation. Constructed from one, solid panel an up-and-over garage door is operated using one of two straightforward mechanisms.

At Abby Doors our competitive prices and standards of service are hard to beat and we strive to offer the best selection of doors. We also give you the choice between manual or motorised lift. Whatever you choose, you can be assured that South Shields-based Abby Doors only fits the best.

Why choose an up-and-over garage door?

Material benefits

Abby Doors offers a selection of steel up-and-over garage doors that are available as single or double widths.

Choosing a steel door gives you a range of advantages:

  • Durable – not only is steel one of the toughest door materials you can buy, it can also be finished in a range of coatings to defend it against the elements and wear and tear.
  • Malleable – steel’s great versatility enables an array of designs to be embedded on to the steel.
  • Variety – our steel doors come in a number of grades and depths and you can be sure that all our products are of the highest quality.
  • Peace of Mind – all Abby Doors steel garage doors come with a long-term guarantee.

Canopy doors

An up-and-over garage door is available in three varieties – all of which can be fitted by the experts at Abby Doors.

A canopy door is so called as around one third of the door – or canopy – remains visible once the door is in the open position.

The gearing employs a spring fitting at the top alongside tracks that run down the side of the frame. Its simple mechanisation is activated by unlocking and lifting the door. The door then swings out and slides back.

In the UK, this is one of the most popular type of doors as it is easy to install and comes in at an affordable price point.

Retractable doors

Abby Doors is also Tyne and Wear’s first choice for retractable up-and-over garage doors. A retractable door uses a different style of lifting gear to that of the canopy door.

Here, the door runs on horizontal tracks – which are either suspended from the ceiling or fixed to the supporting garage walls – allowing the door to retract fully into the garage space.

This system makes for an easy upgrade should you wish to automate your garage door and it is also a great choice for double-width garage doors.

On hand to help and repair

Not only will the team at Abby Doors supply and install your up-and-over garage door, they will also be on hand should you need any repairs further down the road.

Our crews can be relied upon to sort out major faults and annoying niggles. From cracked canopies to locked lifting gear, Abby Doors is always the company to call.

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To find out more about our range of up-and-over doors or any other product or repair or to arrange a FREE, no-obligation quote, why not give us a call.